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Covid-19 Pandemic Office Changes

Updated May 26th, 2020

To our South Hills Orthodontics Family,

At South Hills Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on continuing a 40 year tradition of being an integral part of the community.  In keeping with this spirit of community and protecting our patients through social distancing , we hope to reopen soon with changes to our schedule to continue healthy distancing.  Please consider all appointments prior to July to be in need of rescheduling. Our office will call you to reschedule these appointments. We will keep you updated on this website.  Please keep in mind that we are unable to reopen until the South Hills Village Mall reopens.  We do miss our South Hills Orthodontic friends and family and can't wait to see you all again!! 

For  the time  being, we  encourage  all  our patients  to keep their teeth as clean as possible by  brushing 3 to 5 times per day and flossing 1 or 2 times per day. Good oral hygiene promoting  healthy teeth and gums will eliminate at least half of the potential orthodontic difficulties.    

Please email us (southhillsorthodontics@gmail.com)  with current cell phone numbers and  mailing addresses to help us mail or hand deliver clear aligners or other materials to you.

While the risks posed to the average patient are minimal especially given our stringent infection control protocols at South Hills Orthodontics, we feel a great responsibility to protect the elderly and immunocompromised through social distancing to slow the transmission of Covid-19 as much as possible.  In the following days, we will monitor the guidelines put forth by the Department of Health on local, state and national levels as we prepare once again to serve your orthodontic needs.

We are here for your orthodontic emergencies within the limitations placed upon us all during this difficult time.  Please do not present to the office without an appointment.  If you have an emergency, please text 2 or 3 images from different angles of any orthodontic problem areas to Dr. White at 304-282-9622 with a description of your situation.  We are able to see patients if an emergency arises. 

The Team at South Hills Orthodontics cares about you all too much not to be proactive in helping our community.  We strive to provide a World-Class service to all our patients.  Thank you for your trust in us for all these many years.  We do not take your confidence in us for granted.

Stay safe and well,

Dr. Carl White and the Team at South Hills Orthodontics

Clean frequently, Eat healthy, Exercise daily, 

Relax often, Communicate with Someone, 

and Cooperate with Everyone.  We will Persevere!


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